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Incentive Program


We want our customers to enjoy shopping at Mall Bytes. That is why we are offering incentives to our preferred customers.
Our incentive program is based on a point system. When a customer earns 100 points they receive a free gift valued at $50. When they earn 500 points they receive a free gift valued at $100.
There are several ways a customer can earn points:

  1. Join our mailing list and earn 10 points. When joining our mailing list you will receive special offers, discounts and coupons for stores within our mall as well as for other stores online. You can't go wrong!

Yes, sign me up!

2. Tell a friend! Refer a friend to Mall Bytes and earn 20 points when he/she joins our mailing list. Make sure your friend gives us your name and e-mail address when joining our mailing list so that we can credit your account.

3. Place an order! Each time you place an order with one of our stores you receive 10% of your purchase amount in points. Example: You purchase $30 from Brooks Brothers and $20 from Avon giving you a total purchase of $50 = 5 points. It's simple!
***When making a purchase please fill in the form below and send it to us so that we can check your purchases and give you credit for points.*** 

That's it! It's that simple! Shop, refer friends, earn points and receive free gifts!

Store(s) you made purchase at
Total amount of purchase(s)